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A: JavaMail is capable of sending and reading messages using Yahoo! Q: Is JavaMail Y2K compliant? A: In addition to the JavaMail API spec and javadocs (available from our main web page), don't forget to check the README.txt and NOTES.txt files for additional important information. The other body parts will be attachments. Check This Out

Word for a non-mainstream belief accepted as fact by a sub-culture? All submitted content is subject to our Terms of Use. Q: I'm sure I've set my CLASSPATH correctly, but I'm still getting complaints about classes that can't be found, such as com.sun.mail classes. Note also that there's a bug in Exchange 2007.

Hotmail Java

I get "Must issue a STARTTLS command first" when trying to send a message. jscher2000 Top 10 Contributor 5715 solutions 47077 answers Posted 4/29/15, 2:31 PM Chosen Solution Sites using the Java plugin are not really that common. How to add a phrase-less key to ssh agent?

A: Gmail does not follow the normal IMAP conventions for deleting messages. For more details, search Windows Live Hotmail help for "POP3". Thanks for the virus scan suggestions and I've run them all but appear to be clean from pests and the problem persists. Java problem?

Alternatively, you can package the mail.jar file and activation.jar files in the lib directory of your web application package (war file). Gmail Javamail A: Use the Library Manager to create a library and add a reference to that library to your project. A: As described above, a message with an attachment is represented in MIME as a multipart message. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9086420/using-javamail-to-send-from-hotmail Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest Name

I set a particular value for the Message-ID header of my new message, but when I send this message that header is rewritten. Report dace- Aug 2, 2010 05:31PM Hi, yeah, this seems to have worked for me too. May be there's a problem with my Java install? More information about how different products, such as Microsoft Outlook, support calendar appointments is available here.

Gmail Javamail

Please refer to the various MIME specifications and other resources listed on our main page. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/suddenly-hotmail-doesn-t-like-my-java-xml-531744/ Likewise, JavaMail can attach a Microsoft Office document to a message and send it as an attachment. Hotmail Java From her Hotmail contacts list I suspect. Java Send Email Is there a non-float alternative to pow()?

Please see the NOTES.txt file in the JavaMail package for more information. http://swusf.org/hotmail-not/hotmail-not-working-feb-16.html share|improve this answer answered Jan 31 '12 at 20:49 Bill Shannon 16.7k32024 Anything else I need to get rid of? A: This usually happens because the JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) can't find the mailcap configuration file included in the mail.jar file. Mail with JavaMail? Outlook Email

Q: How do I configure JavaMail to work through my proxy server? See our Third Party Products page for the latest list of such providers. Q: The writeTo() method generates message text with lines that are neither the canonical MIME representation of the data (i.e., using CRLF to terminate lines), nor using the canonical line separator this contact form Again, you can read the smtpsend.java source code to see how the command line arguments are used in the JavaMail API.

For example, to map the .doc extension to the MIME type application/msword, create a META-INF/mime.types file with the single line: application/msword doc See the javadocs for the MimetypesFileTypeMap class for details. JAF is part of the JavaBeans "Glasgow" specification and is included in Java SE 6. Q: I have data that's already encoded in (e.g.) base64, how do I tell JavaMail to send this data without re-encoding it?

The ability to use Java serialization was neither essential nor useful for such implementations, and thus was not considered a goal of the JavaMail API.

If I send a message to a bad address, why don't I get a SendFailedException or TransportEvent indicating that the address is bad?When a message can't be delivered, a failure message A: To run a web application using JavaMail, you can add the JavaMail mail.jar file and, if you're not using JDK 1.6 or newer, the JavaBeans Activation Framework activation.jar file to The writeTo() method generates message text with lines that are neither the canonical MIME representation of the data (i.e., using CRLF to terminate lines), nor using the canonical line separator of a good translation of "We can do it"?

Q: Can I use the JavaMail APIs to access my address book on my mail server? You also might want to test in Firefox's Safe Mode to see whether an extension might be the culprit. Note that if you're running your program using "java -jar", the CLASSPATH environment variable setting is ignored. navigate here The getInputStream method will return the decoded data.

How do I debug problems connecting to my mail server using SSL? Installation and Configuration How do I install the JavaMail API implementation? Where can I get the necessary mail servers? You should first try using msgshow as shown above, and once that's working move on to writing and configuring your own program to use Outlook.com.

Q: I'm having trouble logging into my Microsoft Exchange server, even though I'm sure I'm using the correct username and password, what could I be doing wrong? I set the DELETED flag on those messages.