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Hot Water Heater Furnace Not Working


Don Vandervort, HomeTips This could be a dirty flame sensor. All the sudden neither the furnace will heat or the hot water heater when using propane. Don Vandervort, HomeTips Wow, I'm having a hard time picturing this. Find out where your water shut off valves are in case you need to shut off water! http://swusf.org/hot-water/hot-water-heater-and-furnace-not-working.html

Gas water heater heating problems are typically: 1) The water heater doesn't heat water at all; 2) It doesn't heat enough water; or 3) Its pilot light does not stay lit. Sarah Pursche We are having an issue with the pilot. If anyone has a clue about why this is or what it could be I'd greatly appreciate it hearing it. Not to affect two things like this simultaneously. http://inspectapedia.com/heat/Diagnose_Heating_Boiler.php

No Hot Water From Boiler But Heating Working

Ive asked so many water heater people and this is the first answer that makes sense to me. Are you plugged in when trying to light either? Noisy Furnace or Duct Work Many heating ducts are metal, so they conduct noise quite readily from the air-handling unit to your rooms. Is there electric power to all of the heating system components such as an oil burner at the boiler and power to the circulator pumps?

I am still using the A/C, heating portion of the unit. If low gas is the problem and they fill it back up, be sure to check your pilot lights in the water heater and furnace. joy torrente Hello! Oil Fired Hot Water Heater Troubleshooting If this is not the issue, there may be a problem with the thermocouple.

Watch for leaks below the valve's mouth or discharge pipe (a pipe should extend from the relief valve to a few inches from the floor) or watch for corrosion at the It could be a defective heating element—you'll need a pro for that. If it has, turn it to Off or to Auto.

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Electric motor problem at the burner or blower fan: Check that an electric motor (for the oil burner, gas burner, or blower assembly) reset switch may have tripped. No Hot Water But Heating Works As soon as water starts coming out of an air bleeder valve it can be closed. louis tsalikis 106,760 views 8:56 Loading more suggestions... On an electronic-ignition furnace, turn down the thermostat or turn the power switch off and then on again to reset the ignition control module.

Hot Water Furnace Troubleshooting

It goes thru the cycle a few times but my gas never comes on. Technical Reviewers & References Publisher's Google+ Page by Daniel Friedman Click to Show or Hide Citations & References Blueray Heating Boilers/Furnaces Safety Recall by the US CPSC, with additional history, photos, No Hot Water From Boiler But Heating Working See MOTOR OVERLOAD RESET SWITCH. Boiler No Hot Water But Radiators Working Loading...

If the motor has these, apply two to three drops of non-detergent motor oil into each port (you may have to remove a cover plate to do this). this contact form More likely, however, is a problem with the flame sensor or pilot. Dan Gann I have a Day & Night electronic ignition gas furnace. For gas fired heating equipment the driver may want all gas appliances turned off in the building during delivery. Oil burner motor coupling: another cause of an oil burner starting Boiler Not Heating Water Properly

It may take several hours for the thermostat to stabilize at this setting, so wait a while and then adjust it again if necessary. Ask Al at: http://www.dereton33.comNot the video you were looking for? As you will see in that article, relighting a water heater usually involves turning the water heater's gas valve to OFF and then to PILOT. http://swusf.org/hot-water/hot-water-furnace-not-working.html Is your house 2 stories?

Tankless coils for making hot water: If there is different water pressure/flow observed in the kitchen in which the hot water pressure is significantly less than cold, even before examining the No Hot Water Oil Boiler How to Diagnose Soot or Noises during Heating System & Oil Burner Operation For full details of this topic be sure to see OIL BURNER NOISE SMOKE ODORS. You might need a new thermostat—which is relatively cheap to buy.

Heating fuel failures - out of oil in the oil tank, clogged oil filter, clogged oil nozzle, oil line has been bent, crimped, clogged, clogged oil pump strainer (fuel unit strainer),

Besides that any suggestions? Loading... It's all in the details.www.minnichmech.com0 · Gordy Member Posts: 5,837 December 2013 Gas pressureAnd gas supply piping size.How many gas appliances in the home? Burnham Gas Boiler Troubleshooting If you locate it, make a small dent in the sheet metal to provide a more rigid surface that’s less likely to move as it heats and cools.

LOW on gas. First try cleaning or replacing the filter. askmediy 741,640 views 9:51 Port valve diagnosis and repair - Duration: 9:05. Check This Out We get it lit then release the button and it goes out.

The pilot light works but the heater does not kick on when it gets below the thermostat setting? If you hear a pinging or popping sound coming from the duct work, this may be caused by thermal expansion or by air blowing past a loose flap of metal. I hope someone can help me. Don Vandervort, HomeTips You can replace it yourself—just be sure to shut off the circuit before working on the wires.

They charge 150.00 a hour. Does the oil burner start but then shut off? Thanks to Bottini Fuel service manager Ron Thomas for discussing aquastat functions, low limit controls, oil burner short cycling causes, and boiler maintenance, reliability, and service contracts 4/13/2010. Is the system "off on reset"?

If the pilot light keeps going out, its orifice could be dirty and clogged, making the flame small and unsustainable. Bottini Fuel, 2785 W Main St, Wappingers Falls NY, 12590-1576 (845) 297-5580 more contact information for Bottini Fuel [8] Suntec Model A-7400 Fuel Unit Solenoid Dumping Pump, Suntec Industries Inc., 60 Usually this involves turning the gas valve to Off, waiting a couple of minutes, turning it to Pilot, pressing and holding it down while you light the flame, and waiting a Immediate service and repair are needed.

However, right now, not getting any burn on it. NO HEAT: BURNER OFF, SAFETY NOT TRIPPED: - Oil or gas burner has stopped, no safety switch is tripped 1. Check the thermostat to see if the Fan switch has been turned on. That oil ignites at startup causing a potentially dangerous puffback.

It must be properly charged with air to prevent boiling. Fortunately, I thought to bring along the old belt, because I found a snow thrower auger belt, for about $20 which was a bit smaller than the old belt. Also see CHIMNEY INSPECTION DIAGNOSIS REPAIR. -- some of this material is paraphrased from Audel. Green links show where you are. © Copyright 2015 InspectApedia.com, All Rights Reserved.

Couldn't figure out what's wrong with it. Next check and clean the furnace's flame sensor. Thanks! My stove and refrigerator are on the door side.