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Hot Tub Low Speed Pump Not Working


They must be replaced. Is the Hi Limit switch tripped? (If so, why?) Are the heater wires burnt? If high speed will not engage either, and supply power is correct, you may have an internal wiring or circuit board problem. Turn the screw clockwise to raise the setting. have a peek here

No Water Flow Disengage power. Location: Atlanta, Georgia. the spindle in the centre of the pump, please go to sections 2,3,4 and 12. Blower Does Not Function Is the GFCI reset? http://www.hottubworks.com/blog/hot-tub-pump-problems/

Hot Tub Pump Wont Turn On

The colder the air around the manifold, the warmer the spa because that cooler air takes away the heat being transferred to the sensing bulb under the cap. No Heat - Details For Straight, Flo-thru Heaters Heaters are considered Flo-Thru type heaters because the water flows through unrestricted by elbows or thermowells. In most cases, there isn’t much you need to do to your pump outside of regular filter cleanings and water changes to your hot tub. He couldn't figure out either what is causing this pump to not work on low speed.

Be sure you are purging air from the main circulation pump or filter pump if your problem is that the spa will not heat and water will not filter or circulate If high speed doesn’t work with either, then check the voltage on the motor. If you truly have a bad clock, consistent time loss or gain will be evident. 2 Speed Spa Pump Wiring Diagram If you go to replace an element, be sure to hold the base of the post with a 1/4" open-end wrench to prevent twisting of the post.

Replace pump.Water leakage around the pump shaft. If water is not the problem, check for improper wiring, and if this is not the case. Aqua Chek Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader List Price: $82.95 Price: $48.31 You Save: $34.64 (42%) Buy Now On Amazon How Pumps Work Before we can take a look at the https://www.swimuniversity.com/troubleshoot-a-hot-tub-pump-and-motor/ Reduced Water Flow First, examine and clean your filters.

All of these error codes reflect back to the possibility of trapped air in the system. Hot Tub Motor Won't Start Spa: 485 gallon in-ground square acrylic over fiberglass suspended over gunite Sunset brand spa, isolated system, natural gas heater, 2-speed (4hp/11hp) main pump, 3hp booster pump, chlorine sanitized. If you have an open volute, where you can see the shaft, use straight pliers to manually turn the shaft, to rule out a locked up motor, or something stuck in If 240 is found where the cord meets the relay but not at the element, check the "Hi Limit’ switch breaking power to one line on the element.

2 Speed Spa Pump Troubleshooting

Subscribe here. I suppose that is what I have. Hot Tub Pump Wont Turn On If it does not include the new circuit, see if the hi limit is tripped. No High Speed On Spa Pump Enjoy your spa!

If the limit is not tripped, it is out of calibration and must be replaced. navigate here Open the gate valves, release the clamped pipe and bleed pumps. If it loses time, consider whether there may have been a power outage or if someone is welding nearby. My #2 pump dosen't engage in low speed, but when I press the panel button to engage the pump into high speed it works. Hot Tub Circulation Pump Not Working

If power does not transfer from Hi to Low, replace the air switch and try again. To adjust, insert a properly sized alien wrench into adjustment screw found just below the shiny silver plate on top side of the thermostat. Submitted: 5 years ago. Check This Out If any continuity with the ground terminal, you will have trouble.

They are Tridelta, Len Gordon, and Press-Air-Trol. My Hot Tub Won't Turn On FREE SHIPPING $100+ $0.00 SIGN IN Sign In Registered Customers SIGN IN Forgot Password? Also be careful when using cheap screwdrivers that the plastic backing doesn't break away when you hit it with a hammer.

Correct if necessary as described in #2.

If your switch screws directly into the heater manifold and you have service valves, you might want to drain water from at least the heater before removing the switch. Here we are assuming that if you have chosen to work on your own unit, you have a basic knowledge of electricity. Depending on the age of the motor, you may want to have a motor repair shop check it out for repair for you if it's under 5 years old, which is Hot Tub Pump Just Hums Hot Tub Accessories Hot Tub Covers Footer links 2 Discount Hot Tubs Online FAQs Footer links 3 Disclaimer Hot news Winterize Hot Tub Our Newsletter Subscribe Unsubscribe c 2015 HotTubSpaTips.com

If you replace the Fuse and it pops again, you have an short in the wiring equipment of your spa. The two controls are otherwise the same with the lights inside working as they always have. Of course, troubleshooting it yourself could save the repair technician a little time, which could lower your repair bill. this contact form If the voltage isn’t right, examine the pump air switch for power.

Without the pump, your hot tub isn’t really a hot tub at all. If it does, turn in clockwise now until the heater shuts back off and re-loosen it one-and-one-half turns. Light Air Switch Light Transformer Light Fuse Lamp 11 No ozone. Happy Hot Tubbin’ Daniel Lara Hot Tub Works Tags: hot tub pump problems, hot tub pump trouble, spa pump problems, spa pump troubleshooting This entry was posted on Thursday, April