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Hot Tub Jet Pump Not Working


But when I push the jets button, it kicks the breaker. STA-RITE HRPB30, Sand filter 30" 98 GPM, 1 HP Maxi-Glas 2 pump, BBB Method, Taylor K-2005 test kit, 50 Watt 12V low-voltage pond light illuminates the pool at night for a Once the water gets going put the filter back in place and turn the pump on high to purge the remaining air. Why? have a peek here

Anything I can do before I call in a professional? With the lid off, turn the spa on with the pump on low (do not hit the 'jets' button). November 10, 2013 Reply Doug what is the make and model of your spa and the date built? Hot tubs with these readouts will display an error code when something is wrong or malfunctioning. https://www.swimuniversity.com/5-common-hot-tub-issues-solutions/

Hot Tub Pump Not Working

Randy Simmons Is there a blower on the spa? If you also can let me know what is the date built of the spa this could help me answer your inquiry. Not a good option if you're going to leave it for a long time, but if you're doing a simple drain and refill close the valves first and you'll always have Joan Can't figure this out!

Common Symptoms: Your jets are turned on but there's no water flowing out of them Your pump hums or vibrates but water isn't flowing Water is leaking around the pump shaft Originally Posted by spishex I make a lot of money every year around this time from people who are unable to diagnose and fix air locks, so hopefully this will reach Most hot tubs come with adjustable jets that can be turned down for less water flow, or closed completely. Hot Tub Motor Won't Start Ask a Question or Comment Cancel reply Message *Name * Email * Phone Number * City * I agree to participate in this conversation via email.

Spas and hot tubs with one pump usually have a 2-speed motor, operating on low speed most of the time, and on high speed when using the tub with the jets. Locate your main spa pump. (in larger spas there may be two; follow this procedure for both). Go find the plunger. http://www.hottubessentials.com/troubleshooting_jets.htm water was low but not that low.

If the plunger gets stuck on the hole, turn the spa off and remove it. Half Of Hot Tub Jets Not Working Its very odd. That depends. As water begins to flow in toward the equipment you will hear the force of the air and water coming out increase.

Hot Tub Jets Won't Turn On

Hope this saves somebody a service call! this page None of the breakers have tripped and the fuses all appear intact. Hot Tub Pump Not Working The 5 Most Common Error Codes and What They Mean Flo or FLC = Improper flow or pressure switch malfunction. Some Hot Tub Jets Not Working Of course, troubleshooting it yourself could save the repair technician a little time, which could lower your repair bill.

Fourth, is the water level high enough? navigate here There could be a few things preventing your jets from pumping water. When you fill your spa back up, many times the air that's in the equipment has no place to go, and is pinned in on each side by the water you've The basket filter is good and clean and all the jets are cranked open. Hot Tub Air Lock Symptoms

If the the object is too large, you will sometimes need to remove the orifice and manually pull the object out of the jet. Just enough to let some water or air out. Any thoughts? Check This Out If we reduce the size of a pipe with fluid moving through it, the velocity (speed) of the water increases, but the pressure in the pipe decreases.

My pool is a 10,500 gallon (420 Sq Ft ) kidney shape. Hot Tub Jets Weak View our Privacy Policy here. Q: My Spa Pump is Humming, and Then the Breaker Trips A: If your spa pump never actually turns on, it only makes a low noise, until the circuit breaker trips,

Fourth - is a faulty switch you are using to turn on the spa pump.

The pump sounds fine, but there's no water moving. I drained my hot tub refilled and have been trying to get the jets flowing in 40 degree temps for the past 6 hours until I seen your post! Why? Bathtub Jets Not Working Common Problems Now that we all understand at least a little bit about how a pump actually works, let’s take a look at many of the most common problems you just

First, let's open up that equipment bay and see what's up. 2. Hot Tub Troubleshooting: Heater Problems Let's get to the source of your hot tub heater problems with this handy guide. 5 Tips for a Clean Hot Tub Filter Keeping your hot About Contact Advertise Privacy Terms Pool Care Hot Tub Care Resources Search How to Troubleshoot a Hot Tub Pump and Motor Download our FREE guides and receive new posts every week. this contact form All rights reserved.

Repeat this process, using the lid like a plunger until water starts to come up at you from the filter housing. Learn More Nancy Anderson our water smells sour-we use chemicals, change the filter and the water often-what is this? You need to bleed the air out and replace it with water before the pump can catch prime. Go find the plunger.

I replaced them and it worked a little bit then it tripped again. I truly appreciate you taking the time to explain the top caused the issue. There's no water in it, so don't go inside and make a sandwich. If your motor looks like this, get a new pump assembly (don't let the shaft seal leak for long or this is what your pump will look like).

Air switch buttons are often used on older spas, and you may have a problem with the switch or the hose. Again, pump on low. Of course, you'd never have gotten yourself into this situation if you'd just closed the valves on either side of the equipment before you drained it. After turning off the electricity, drain your spa or, if your spa is equipped with shut off valves — close them now.

Marie leopold Thank you…I have someone coming out Thursday so hopefully it will be something simple! Hot Tub Blogs should do this more often - These are our most Frequently Asked Questions about spa pump repair. He should stop being so helpful. Anybody know what the issue might be???!!!!

Nigel October 31, 2016 Reply Mike check that your filter is not soiled.