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Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working


For most models you will turn off the power to the spa for a minute or two and then turn it back on. Some older spas have only one button—others have eight or more. I did just replace my circ pump three weeks ago. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to Navigation Skip to Content × Login to DoItYourself Log In with Facebook Username Password Forgot Username or Password?

Anything I can do before I call in a professional? This is one of those GFI outlets with the red test button, and a black reset button. Did the heater light come on on the topside control? There are 3 main approaches to cleaning. http://www.doityourself.com/stry/troubleshooting-hot-tub-control-panel-problems

Hot Tub Control Panel Blank

It tells you all you need to know about what’s going on in the water and gives you control enough so you can customize your soak based on what you find Did the error code go away? It’s important to know when it’s necessary to call on a licensed repair-man, or when you can make a simple repair and save yourself a bundle. I'll disconect the heater and pumps and see if it still trips the breaker.

There's a second, smaller control panel on the opposite side of the tub which also will not work. Most hot tubs come with adjustable jets that can be turned down for less water flow, or closed completely. Tripped GFCI This one gets me all the time. Hot Tub Control Panel Locked The manufacturer will not warrant this type of damage.

There are no serviceable parts inside the potting that seals the unit. Top Side Control Panel Not Working Matt Giovanisci Have you checked to see if it's a bad control panel? As soon as the low/filter pump turns on, jump the two pressure switch pins on the board with alligator clips. https://www.swimuniversity.com/5-common-hot-tub-issues-solutions/ Site by Take 42 About Us Blog Support Resources Contact Us Call Us: (204) 233-8822 Facebook Twitter Instagram Chat with us!

Safety first. Hot Tub Lights Not Working If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa. Derek January 13, 2014 Reply I'm hoping that it may be the smaller remote panel that's topside, but i've looked several times down below and i can't figure out which wires I tried shutting off the power and unplugging the control panel from the electrical panel, and then replugging everything in but it's still the same.

Top Side Control Panel Not Working

See complete list of error codes here.

I can reset it after about 30 minutes and it stays on until the next day around the same time. Hot Tub Control Panel Blank The perfect fragrance for a family party! No Display On Hot Tub So if its not the relay(which I hope that I checked it right) I would say its the board.

The readings above are normal so please do not send your circuit board in for repair with the above readings. 4. Most often this will be caused by a leaking shaft seal, or it could happen from old age. Otherwise, get the number for your spa control pack and call the manufacturer to find out which top side panel will work for you. Re: Control Panel not Working « Reply #3 on: August 25, 2004, 01:06:04 PM » Depends upon how handy you are but, you can open the control box up and unplug Hot Tub Control Panel Codes

Tweet Share53 Pin110 Share34Shares 197 This Is The Last Hot Tub Manual You Will Ever Need You'll save at least $100 off the bat with this easy-to-follow digital handbook. A spa may have 220V coming into the transformer and 40 volts coming out, for example - but this varies from spa to spa. Matt Giovanisci At this point I would just call someone. HotTubBarn 25,197 views 3:54 How to deal with a flow reading on your hot tub - Duration: 4:24.

If you have everything unplugged (including the main pump) and it still trips, then there may be an issue with the transformer that is soldered or plugged into the circuit board. Hot Tub Control Panel Replacement Hot Tub Troubleshooting: Heater Problems Let's get to the source of your hot tub heater problems with this handy guide. 5 Tips for a Clean Hot Tub Filter Keeping your hot There are a number of other possible causes to this problem.

This will often cause a breaker to trip or fuse to blow, but not always.

The GFCI Trips When I Call For Heat Or Turn On The Hot Tub The number one cause for GFCI trips is a shorted heating element. Dead.The main fuse appears good. BigMike So far I replaced the rocker switch. Hot Tub Buttons Not Working More information regarding "Spa Won't Heat" I'm Getting Error Codes Or Blinking Dots There are several different error codes that are used by many different manufacturers.

the lights come when the power is turned on and i cannot turn them off, nor can i raise or lower temp, turn on pumps...etcit is under warranty and i have If the GFCI does not trip, the heating element is shorted and needs to be replaced. Temperature The button that makes a hot tub a HOT tub! any ideas what else I can check.

Ralph Sampson GFCI on a hot tub is not something to experiment with. Each function will echo from the circuit board to the LCD/LED in a corresponding manner. If you find it tripped, just push the red button back in. If only part of the control panel is not working, check for any blinking lights or error messages.

Despite being preprogrammed, you can put the hot tub at a temperature compatible with your comfort level. SpaDayz 15,684 views 5:41 Crazy Hotel Pool and Hot Tub Party! - Duration: 8:14. Shut off the breaker. Test your sensors to make sure everything is working properly.

Snorkeling sets & combos at great prices! Use a screwdriver to turn the bulb approximately 7 mm to remove and replace the bulb. (Needle-nose pliers may also be useful.) Bubbletubs Ltd Unit 9 Wombourne Enterprise Park Bridgnorth Road But when the preset filter cycles occur the pump will come on and the icon comes on on the display. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

If the transformer is soldered onto the board, the board will need to be replaced or sent in for repair.