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Hot Tub Blower Not Working


Is the thermostat set properly? Check pump is kicking in when it is supposed to and a good flow is present. Check your common wire on the pump to be sure it is hooked up before removing pump for not operating. All rights reserved. Source

If not removed, the rust may prevent proper tightening of the motor shaft resulting in rubbing, leakage, or stripping of the impeller threads inside the impeller. No vacuum suction Vacuum head too close to bottom of the pool. The first is having the air injected into your water can cool down the water temperature and it does expend energy to have to keep reheating the water to maintain the Pump is leaking?

Spa Blower Motor Replacement

There are some electronic types available, but they are usually more expensive and therefore not so widely used. Anyone else on this thread have any advice? Spa leaks: Make sure the Spa is full, operational and at a temperature of 30°c or higher.

Would a bad pressure switch do it? Step 4 Remove the control box cover. Inside a sand filter is a certain amount of sand and gravel, which mix with water passing through, pulling out dirt and impurities. Silencer Air Blower Troubleshooting A stainless steel pressure switch is easier to install with a little PTFE applied to the threads.

Checking Your GFCI Switch The GFCI is a current breaker in your hot tub. Hot Tub Blower Works But No Bubbles After 2 minutes of water flowing through the heater the temperature will be displayed. Put filter in it ran about 6 minutes.

If debris has gone through the pump, some of it may be stuck in the blades which will reduce the effectiveness of the pump.

Most are 6kw and are rated for 240 volts. What Does A Spa Blower Do Is the pump flood primed? If it measures lower, you simply are not getting as much out of that motor as it is designed to deliver. What’s wrong?” This is a common question and the answer is usually as simple as twisting the face of the jet to allow water flow.

Hot Tub Blower Works But No Bubbles

If it turns hard, remove the impeller and check the motor shaft threads for debris from the previous impeller or dents that would prevent their mating with the plastic impeller threads. http://www.poolandspa.com/page831.htm Inspect the equipment area. Spa Blower Motor Replacement Won't light up won't turn on won't do anything. How Does A Spa Blower Work Any ideas?

Please note that these are generic instructions for the "average" pump. Filter Problems In effect, we've now traveled through the pump and are on our way to the filter, which serves to remove dirt and other impurities from the water. Please take all necessary precautions before attempting any repairs. The cover got ruined by heavy snow so I took it off and drained it untill I could get another cover. Hot Tub Blower Trips Breaker

Once you have restored the power, test your new air blower by turning on your hot tub. You should see maximum (infinite) resistance if it is good. Cartridge Filters: like DE filters, have a grid-like interior to catch pollutants. have a peek here Anyway.

Water can be kept out of the blower motor by looping plumbing above the water line inside the cabinet, called a Hartford Loop. Hot Tub Blower Making Noise It is out of meters and has ordered me one.My blower when it worked did not cool the water perceptibly. You can switch fuses to see if it is blown but you might blow another so you need one anyway.

If power does not transfer from Hi to Low, replace the air switch and try again.

Comments How to Build a Sauna Floor You may also like: How to Make a Cheap Hot Tub Cover Go for the inexpensive hot tub cover option by making your own. Check the individual segments for build up of grime and debris Check to see if water is travelling down the filter and see how strong the flow of water is by Most often this will be caused by a leaking shaft seal, or it could happen from old age. Spa Blower Check Valve My Pump is Making Loud Noises If your pump is louder than it used to be, the bearings in the motor are going out and soon the motor will seize.

This guide will help new spa owners close up for the cold season. Carregando... Most Popular How to Get Rid of Pool Algae How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water How to Open an Above Ground Pool in 10 Steps How to Open an Inground Pool Also make sure you are ready to do the plumbing needed to connect in the air flow to your jets.

Get a comprehensive list of hot tub error codes and what they mean. 4. Some controls still have the mechanical bulb and capillary thermostats in them. If the input to the light is incorrect, check the light fuse. Bri M I went to clean hot tub today.

Make sure you cut all electricity to the hot tub before you even begin to remove the covers. The nearest hardware store is only a 30 mile round trip.Hey where I grew up it was a 30 mile round trip to get anywhere and get anything...If that was all It could be a number of things.